Bertone high-speed train was designed

Students of Stroganov Academy under the direction of Dmitry Nazarov, Reyhaneh Nouri (Ippiart Studio) and Aldo Cingolani, Oxana Nosova (Bertone Design) within the diploma and course project designed the concepts of high-speed trains for the Trans-Siberian Railway.

Website EOS for SharePoint was created

Ippiart Studio developed a website about "EOS for SharePoint" – electronic document management system.

Russian Railways’ educational class train car was designed

Ippiart Studio developed the interior of the wagon-educational class for Russian Railways. The car is designed for staff training in distant regions of Russia, regardless of climatic conditions. Half of the car given to educational class, half for the staff living.

 Project Renault Diamond was created

Pavel Chernishov and Anastasia Chernishova (Dolgova) the students of Stroganov Academy under the direction of Dmitry Nazarov (Ippiart Studio) and Antony Grade (Renault) within the diploma project designed the concept of premium crossover Renault Diamond. The car is designed specifically for Russian conditions.

Conceptual helicopter for CBOSS-AVIA was created

Ippiart Studio created an illustration of the conceptual helicopter in the original livery CBOSS-AVIA airline.

Superior train car "MIX" for TCS

On the website of the car-building company "Circon Service" published the virtual tour through the Superior train car "MIX", which was designed by Ippiart Studio.

EOS logo and corporate identity were developed
EOS software logos were developed